Sharifa Mlacha Luhindi

Position: Social Economic and Marketing


My name is  sharifa Mlacha Luhindi   based in Dar es Salam city at TARI Mikocheni Centre. I have a (MA) Master of Arts in monitoring and evaluation in Open University of Tanzania. Bachelor Degree in Economics of Developments  at Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy Dar es salaam Tanzania, Dipoma in Gender, Extension Worker and Agriculture at Larenstein Agricultural College in Netherland, Diploma in Food Production and Nutrition at Uyole Training Insitute Mbeya . I also have got short courses for Project cycle Management at Ede Netherlands, Planning of Agricultural Policy Course in Japan, Household Economy Approach Training Course Nairobi – Kenya, Participatory Teaching Methodology and Farm Management –Mlingano Tanga, and Basic Computer Skills and Software Application –Larenstein-The Netherlands

I have   got skill in data collection, interpreting different information and data analysis work well with minimum supervision. Specifically I have engaged in;

·        Reviewing and preparing monitoring and evaluation system in the Ministry of Agricultural Livestock and Fisheries

·    Preparation of Terms of reference for assignments/studies related to Monitoring and Evaluation and overseen their implementation and review the draft report to ensure quality of output

·        The coordination of Monitoring and evaluation of projects in the Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries

·        Disseminations of various output to stakeholders

·        Preparations of guidelines for gender mainstreaming in agricultural production

·        Formulating and preparation annual work plan and medium strategic plan

·        Making follow up to ensure project activities of related issue implemented

·        Preparing program report and submit to director of policy and planning within the Ministry

·        Work with district management team and prepare guidelines for agricultural development strategies according to community needs.

Currently   I am working with social economic and Marketing department as principal agricultural officer 1 (PAFO1)