Violet Elimringi Kiwia

Position: Senior Agricultural Field Officer


Violet Elimringi Kiwia holds a Diploma in Crop production obtained at the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development Training Institute (MATI)- Uyole, Mbeya Tanzania (1988-1990). In 1990-2004, Violet worked at Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute - Ukiruguru (formerly Ukiriguru Research Institute) Mwanza, as Agricultural Field Officer. Violet has research experience in crop production in the area of agronomic technologies of cotton and other crops. In 2004 to date, she joined Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute -Mikocheni (formerly Mikocheni Agricultural Research Institute) Dar es Salaam, Tanzania as Senior Agricultural Field Officer under Post-Harvest unit. Her daily activities are i) Delivering and Training of post-harvest technology to the farmers especially on coconut tree crop, ii) Conduct research and supervise trials for testing appropriate post-harvest technologies on coconut tree crop. Since that time, she has been one of the members in the unit in production of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) at the institute.