Dr. Fred Donati Tairo

Position: Plant Virologist and Center Coordinator for Research and Innovation

Email: Fred.tairo@tari.go.tz OR fredtairo@gmail.com

Dr. Fred Tairo focuses his research and studies on the molecular epidemiology of viruses infecting crops and biotechnology. His research has contributed to the understanding of the epidemiology, evolution, taxonomy and development of diagnostic tools for cassava, sweet potato viruses and phytoplasma. Dr. Tairo has experience on adoption studies on tracking the adoption and diffusion of improved technologies particularly improved seeds by farmers. His research has enabled assembling and fingerprinting of reference libraries (database) of improved seeds and landraces of Common bean, Maize and Rice, for correct identification of varieties grown by farmers in Tanzania. Dr. Tairo is currently, managing the National GMO detection laboratory at TARI Mikocheni, which in collaboration with TOSCI is screening the imported seeds for the assurance of freeness from GMO contamination. Dr. Tairo has extensive teaching and project management experience, most notably working as a principal and co-principal investigator on various multi-million-dollar projects funded by various donor including “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, Sida etc.