Dr. Mganga J F Kitilu

Position: Plant physiologist

Email: kitiluj@yahoo.com

Dr. Mganga is Senior Agricultural research officer from Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute, Based in Dar es Salaam city at TARI Mikocheni centre. He have a Diploma in Education from Dar es Salaam teachers college, a Bsc in Agriculture from Sokoine University of agriculture(SUA), a MSc in Agriculture From Yamaguchi university Japan and a PhD in Botany from the University of Dar es salaam(UDSM)

He has been in the research and training carrier for twenty-six years (26) now. And have published several work in collaboration with other researchers from both international and national institutions. He is now working with the Agronomy Department as a senior scientist in Plant physiology.


1. Kitilu MJF (2021). Physiological responses of upland rice; water and nitrogen uptakes and water use efficiency under wet and partial drying soil conditions. International Journal of Research - GRANTHAALAYAH, 9(6), 405-417. doi:10.29121/granthaalayah.v9.i6.2021.3914

2. Nobuhito Sekiya, Nobuaki O, Theodore TK, Kitilu MJF, Motonori T, Keisuke K and Hideki A (2020). Importance of Market-oriented research for rice production in Tanzania. A review. Agronomy for sustainable Development (Published on line 18 February (2020) 40:7

3. Kitilu JMF (2019). Yield Gap Bridging Strategies, Rainfall Dynamics and Water Use productivity of Selected Rainfed Rice (Oryza sativa L) in Tanzania; The case of Ifakara, Kilombero District. (PhD Thesis) College of Natural and Applied Sciences (CoNAS) University of Dar es salaam Tanzania; Pp 216

4. Kitilu MJF, Nyomora AMS, and Charles J (2019).  Effects of moisture stresses during vegetative and reproductive growth phases on productivity of six selected rain-fed rice varieties in Ifakara, Tanzania. African Journal of Agricultural Research; 14 (2): 54 - 64.

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6. Kitilu MJF, Nyomora AMS, and Charles J (2019). Moisture requirement and water productivity of selected rainfed rice varieties grown under controlled water environment in Ifakara, Tanzania. Journal of cereals and oilseeds; 10(1): 1-15.

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