The United Republic of Tanzania

Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute

TARI Ukiriguru


TARI Ukiriguru has a mandate to do a research and release the cotton varieties which will address the crops production challenges. The following were the current cotton varieties with their characteristics

1.   UK 171         

Ø  Fibre length:                1.096 In

Ø  Fibre strength:            28.33 g/tex

Ø  Micronaire:                 4.33 mic/In

Ø  Ginning Out Turn:       43.3%

Ø  Yield (Seed Cotton):    1000-1250kg/acre

Ø  Plant height:                 119.8cm

Ø  Maturity:                       5-6Months

2.   UK 173         

Ø  Fibre length:                1.105 In

Ø  Fibre strength:             27.08 g/tex

Ø  Micronaire:                  4.22 mic/In

Ø  Ginning Out Turn:       43.6%

Ø  Yield(Seed Cotton):    1000-1100kg/acre

Ø  Plant height:                120.3cm

Ø  Maturity:                      5-6Months

Ø  Resistance:                   Highly tolerant to fusarium wilt

3.   UKM 08       

Ø  Fibre length:                1.275 In

Ø  Fibre strength:            30.2 g/tex

Ø  Micronaire:                 4.03 mic/In

Ø  Ginning Out Turn:      42.3%

Ø  Yield(Seed Cotton):   1000-1200kg/acre

Ø  Plant height:               135cm

Ø  Maturity:                     4-5Months

4.   UK 08           

Ø  Fibre length:                1.276 In

Ø  Fibre strength:            28.2 g/tex

Ø  Micronaire:                  4.2 mic/in

Ø  Ginning Out Turn:       40.2%

Ø  Yield(Seed Cotton):    800-1000kg/acre

Ø  Plant height:                140cm

Ø  Maturity:                      5-6Months

5.   UK91   

Ø  Fibre length:                 1.15 In

Ø  Fibre strength:             27.9 g/tex

Ø  Micronaire:                  4.16 mic/In

Ø  Ginning Out Turn:      39.6%

Ø  Yield(Seed Cotton):   600-800kg/acre

Ø  Plant height:               144cm

Ø  Plant hairiness:           Very strong leaf and stem hairs

Ø  Maturity:                     5-6Months



Also TARI Ukiriguru has a mandate to developed high-yielding diseases-resistant and/ or tolerant varieties and dissemination of improved technologies to different stakeholders. The recently new improved varieties out-yield local varieties by 40% without fertilizer use as described below:-


Ø  Maturity:               9-12 months

Ø   Root yield:            16.6 - 30.7 tons/ha

Ø  Resistance:            Resistance/tolerance to diseases and pest


Ø  Maturity:         9 - 12 months

Ø  Root yield:      25.6 - 35.3 tons/ha

Ø  Resistance:      Resistance/tolerance to diseases and pests


Ø  Maturity:          9 - 12 months

Ø  Root yield:       22.4 – 28.2 tons/ha

Ø  Resistance:       Resistance/tolerance to diseases and pests


Ø  Maturity:           9 - 12 months

Ø  Rot yield:          19.3 – 39.4 tons/ha

Ø   Resistance:        Resistance/tolerance to diseases and pests


Ø  Maturity:             9 - 12 months

Ø  Root yield:         24.2 – 30.9 tons/ha

Ø  Resistance:         Resistance/tolerance to diseases and pests


Ø  Maturity:        9 – 12 months

Ø  Root yield:     14 – 26 tons/ha

Ø  Resistance:     Resistance e/tolerance to diseases and pests


Ø  Maturity:          9 – 12 months

Ø  Root yield:       11.2 – 15.3 tons/ha

Ø  Resistance:        Resistance e/tolerance to diseases and pests