The United Republic of Tanzania

Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute

Crop Research and Post-Harvest Management 

Crops research aims to develop agricultural technologies and innovations for enhancing crop production and productivity through development of  improved crop varieties, good agronomic practices; effective pest and disease management systems; strengthening genetic resource conservation; adapt crop modeling and simulation techniques and bio-metrics; and strengthening  seed delivery systems. 

Research on post harvest management aims at the section also focuses on enhancing the use of affordable and effective post-harvest and storage technologies by developing and promoting post-harvest and handling technologies; standards of different crop produce and by products; and improved storage technologies.

Enhancing food processing and value addition technologies for improved nutrition, quality and market access is also the mandate for crop research by developing and promoting food processing and value addition technologies; utilization of bio-fortified and nutrient dense crops; and developing and dissemination of food preservation and handling techniques. Other activities includes strengthening and promoting cutting edge science applications in agriculture like implementation of national biotechnology framework related activities and deployment of biotechnology techniques in crop improvement